Friday, September 5, 2008

Little girl bird grasshopper

If only all grasshoppers could be this cute. She is such a perfect green and looks so pretty on the matching green boston fern leaf.

A nice guy at BugGuide identified her for me. She's a bird grasshopper and he said she was going to get a lot bigger. When I read up on her, I guess it's a lot bigger. The reason she's called a bird grasshopper is because she will get to be as big as a bird and she will fly like a bird. Will this grasshopper horror in my backyard never end? Eeeeee. I have never looked so forward to the first frost.

But just look at that face. I especially like the yellow rimmed cartoon eyes. Hopefully she'll be in another yard, in another neighborhood, if I'm lucky, in another state when she gets her grownup wings and learns how to fly.

Still, I have to admit she's pretty darn cute, even if she is a grasshopper.


Country Girl said...

I am wondering what kind of lens you are using to capture these shots. Are you sitting a bit away and using your long lens? Or are you using a macro lens and sitting very close? I wonder, too, if people realize how difficult it is to get pictures of bugs who move very fast. Grasshoppers are gone in a flash!

Maria said...

Kate-My camera is a Canon PowerShot SD850 IS digital ELPH. I still haven't mastered the settings. All I know is that when I use the macro setting on the camera, I need to get three inches away from what I'm shooting and just start clicking and hope that I get something in focus. You can't see precisely what's in focus at that setting.

As for grasshoppers gone in a flash? Oh so not the case in my backyard. I can't take credit for that skill. My grasshoppers stubbornly refuse to budge where they've situated themselves. I have a feeling they feel secure and smug because their enemy (the birds) are not going to be eating them if I'm in the backyard all the time. Kind of a my enemy's enemy is my friend sort of situation.

Kate, I forget how I found your site. I think it was through Sherry's Q's Corner ( ). If you haven't seen her site, check it out because her insect photographs are AWESOME. Her secret to fabulous closeups is her yoga experience. My secret is to have drugged insects (their choice, not mine, they seem to be having a very good time with that datura).