Sunday, September 14, 2008

Sex, Insects and Isabella Rossellini

If you haven't seen the Green Porno series of 2 minute shorts Isabella made for the Sundance Channel, definitely check it out. She's so wonderfully weird, beautiful....over 50, just trying to come up with a good transition post from my previous post about beauty and stuff. :-)  

Click on the image below to get to the site (Sundance can be kind of wonky...when you get to the site, be patient with the black screen you see and let it load, it will start playing on its own when it's ready)...

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Country Girl said...

Ok. Can I say WOW! I think I will.

I've always found Isabella Rossellini interesting. She's got a sense of humor, evident when she guested on Friends several years ago. But these shorts, this Green Porno, is very funny. I am learning how insects mate, and was very upset to find out what happens to male praying mantids. Oh, the horror, but hey. They're having an orgasm here!

She is funny. Great post!