Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Oh, more country stuff...

When we looked in the creek, we saw a big toad sitting on a big flat rock taking in as much sun as he could. But by the time I got my camera out, he was gone. And forget about even trying to photograph all those little black frogs that were hopping around in my peripheral vision. But I did find one frog......in the creek.....thinking he had escaped from being photographed and I have to say, he did a pretty good job.

There were a lot of dead crayfish in the creek and beside every one of them was one detached claw. What the...? Maybe there was an all out war with those crayfish and every one of them lost a claw in the battle over who knows what but maybe.....someone else was responsible...

Meg pointed to a little wasp that looked like she was riding a galloping caterpillar. The wasp straddled the caterpillar while she was carrying it so it looked like she was surfing on a big green surfboard. When she got to a step in the concrete, she just threw herself over and continued surfing across the concrete to the other side. She was FAST. 

I tried to get a picture of her but when she saw me following her, she dropped the caterpillar and got defensive. Another wasp (same kind, a thread-waisted wasp) tried to grab the caterpillar and so I backed off a little bit and very quickly, the other wasp did too. Too much going on for all three of us.

And in a few seconds that wasp hopped that caterpillar again and was gone. It reminded me of one of those Pasley sisters stories.  Oh good grief, I really do live to entomologize. Just like those silly Victorian girls.

It was getting late so we headed off to Lowe's because Sarah got an excellent kiwi colored outdoor umbrella there, and so Meg and I had to get one too. I like to shop at this particular Lowe's because somewhere in the area are peacocks and there is always at least one who has something to say.

Meg said there was a miniature horse farm nearby so we went looking for that after we got our umbrellas. It was starting to get dark so taking photos was a little hard (and probably hard on the horse's eyes too).

Oh they were cute. Did they look at me or even face me? No. Did they follow Meg everywhere she went? Yes, yes they did. She definitely has that Pied Piper thing going on with her.

We played with their bangs because they were extra long and covered their eyes. Meg said this horse looked like Rod Stewart but I rearranged the hair a bit and made it more Tina Turner. Essentially the same thing, I guess.

But you know, from this angle...that horse kind of looked like Meg.

Oh, there was way too much mane-icuring getting done. Shake it out rock star.

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snakey said...

that first photo is so fascinating and spooky. a toad spirit.