Friday, July 25, 2008

Fall Leaf, Kansas 2008

Although this view is from the side of the schoolhouse, I'm going to call it the front yard since this is where the driveway comes off the road and where you eventually reach the entry door in the courtyard.

The realtor took this picture earlier in the year (sigh, so many irises and not a godawful collection of every color of iris on the can tell this is a nice established garden because of all the dividing that has happened over the years and how elegantly simple the color combinations have remained. Swoon. I wish I had a big area like this in my current yard to do this sort of thing).

...and finally,  the front of the schoolhouse.  The add-on sun room was built in front of the original entrance (the sun room is probably used to overwinter all the tropical plants the current owner has- I'm envious of that too). The keystone at the top reads "Dist No. 52 1902."

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