Thursday, July 24, 2008

The Courtyard

The carved wooden post was imported from Mexico. I like the sunflowers because Kansas is, you know, the Sunflower State.

If you look right behind the post in the photo above, there's a big bed of bamboo. In the photo below, I'm not sure what that little statue is (she looks like a little flapper to me) but in front of her is more of the same bamboo. There was a lot of it in this yard and although I know it's supposed to take over like crazy, it looked fabulous everywhere it was planted. There was also a lot of bamboo behind the fishpond  (which looked great because the stuff is so thick you can't see through it). It definitely set off the fishpond. I would think it wouldn't pollute the pond with dropping leaves too. It's definitely on my list. LOVED, LOVED, LOVED it.

The green, green, green palms next to the red, red, red brick of the schoolhouse were just gorgeous. That's Baby Rex on the table (he's already seven and a half months old!).

I'm glad this garden shed looks so pretty on the outside because it used to be a two-seater outhouse on the inside (eeugh, eeugh, eeugh, eeugh, eeugh).

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