Sunday, July 27, 2008

Never a good thing... see a turtle waiting for you at the bottom of the steps. And I know why. It's starting to heat up around here and when a turtle gets hot, he's got to find a cool place to hang out. That would be my air conditioned house. Turtles know ALL about air conditioning and they are all about modern living. And moving furniture. All of my furniture is scuffed  at the bottom 8 inches because of one determined four legged interior (and exterior) decorator (rearranger?). That would be Mr. Michael Ray. There is nothing more fun than to get in the house and move all the chairs into the back room...and enjoy that cool air.

But it's not going to happen today and he knows it.

So we have a bit of a tantrum.

Which is the same as normal turtle behavior, just a little sped up.

"*$/#@%! Why I'm gonna......."

"I just hate that woman."

"Oh, hey Cathy."

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