Saturday, July 26, 2008

Fall Leaf, Kansas 1903 (and a newspaper story of two bad girls)

On this map (look for "Fall Leaf'" at the bottom) you can see that the property surrounding the schoolhouse was owned by a Mary Vale. On a whim, I googled her name and got this story about two 12 year old girls who in 1914 ran away from home. One of the bad girls was named Mary Vale who may or may not have been a relative...but I like to think that she was. 

"The Kansas City Times" (Missouri) Thursday, May 28, 1914


Frances GROSCOVIC and Mary VALE, each 12 years old,
who ran away from their homes, 423 and 419 Ann Avenue,
Kansas side Monday, with $69 belonging to boarders at the
GROSCOVIC home, were found yesterday afternoon by
Corbin DAVIS, a patrolman, on the railroad tracks in
Riverview, ten blocks from their home. They had spent $9.

When they ran away they wrote the following note and
mailed it to their parents:

"No use to hunt further we are died. A auto struck us as
we crossed the street so we are both died. Good bye.
Frances and Mary."

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Charming story, Maria!