Monday, June 22, 2009

Bright eyed

That's what I saw when I brought the turtles their breakfast this morning...Michael Ray and Cathy Jean, side by side with their front legs on the plank, two very happy and bright eyed turtles enjoying some sun before it got too hot.

But as soon as I set the plates down, Michael bolted for his tomato and strawberries and I missed my photo opportunity of the two of them (I cannot believe I'm about to say this) being cute.

Different story when I got home and it was 100 degrees outdoors, or something like that. It was horribly hot so the turtles got themselves and their area hosed down while they tried to keep cool in the shade.

But in the meantime, Violet could not get enough of the horrible heat. Her fur was all puffed out so I could describe her as being bushy-tailed. However, for being so bushy-tailed, she was not about to move from her sleeping box any time soon. There is nothing she loves more than to be heated up to the point of being combustible. 


Country Girl said...

Heated up to the point of being combustible? Damn. That's pretty hot.

Maureen said...

I assume Cathy Jean is the one in the back and she IS cute! They have way more personality than I thought and Violet is still adorable. Haven't heard about the birds lately, how is that Stella?

Linda said...

I just found your blog and adore these turtles. I look forward to meeting your other live-ins.

Deedee said...

Those are two cute terrapins, for sure. We are wet, cool and stuck in the mists here - starting to envy your heat!

Maria said...

Kate-And it was even hotter today! So far, no one has self ignited yet.

Maureen-You are RIGHT. That IS Cathy Jean in back. Good eye. Michael Ray is almost always in front or climbing on top of her or stomping on my feet...Cathy's a lot more patient than Michael. I haven't written about the birds because I've been preoccupied with other things or have been outside. All I have to report is that today they all got to try chicken curry and they LIKED it. I thought they only liked Italian food. Ha ha ha.

Linda-Welcome to my blog. :-) If you really need to read up on the turtles, just look for the turtles label on the sidebar. Basically they stomp, give me mean looks and then destroy. For some reason I am usually entertained by that.

Deedee-Wet, cool, mists???? Sounds like heaven. I shouldn't complain because it's thundering and lightning right now accompanied by tons of lighting bugs. Very pretty. Yikes. And loud. That was just one loud thunderclap. I better get off the computer now....