Sunday, October 25, 2009

Keeping up with Rex

Yesterday was a gloomy day but nice because it was in the 60s.

I drove out to Redbud Ranch to spend the day.

First thing I did when I got there was say hello to the horses and pet their noses.

And then say hello to Girly (the dog that came with the house)...

And take a picture of Spook because he looked so handsome against all that green duckweed in the pond.

Sarah was busy cleaning out the horse stalls while Rex played on the tractor.

But it didn't take long for him to get down and find something else to do.

"Uh, Lady, if I were you I'd call him back right now."

Well, I sure know how to make things safe but not so much fun. No matter, Spook jumped off the trailer to take over.

Situation handled. Spook moved on to other things.

And Rex was off to spend some time with the chickens. When Rex disappeared (we could still hear him talking to the chickens though), he was found in the chicken coop. Silliness.

Sarah pulled him out and then Rex wanted to show me where he found the black snake by the lake the day before. The spot was shown to me...

...and then he took off on a trail leading uphill.

Rex wore us out, even Ibby. Does Rex ever stop moving???

No, no he doesn't.

He really doesn't.


Leenie said...

That Rex is a mover! That's probably why he has the gorgeous complexion, rosy cheeks and big smile. Looks like he keeps Girly and Spook busy. Mom probably gets a lot of exercise too :D Love the horsey nose shot.

Country Girl said...

I think it's easier to move when you're that tiny. Don't you think? Lovely little day you have here. I like the story line.

45+ and Aspiring said...

What a delighful post! Beautiful pictures and wonderful tale! I loved a Rex once. Great name.

Hilary said...

Awww what a bunch of cuties. I love that first photo of Spook, the look on the dog's face and of course this adorable little Rex. Great photo story in a very beautiful setting. :)

Paula Werner Severo said...

wonderfull photos! loved your blog!.. I´ll come back for sure!

Rural Rambler said...

Maria, wonderful series of pictures. Rex is a sweetie. What a wonderful kind of fall Sunday!

Maria said...

Leenie-Oh he IS a mover!!!!! I cannot believe how fast those little legs can scramble up those hills. And um, I probably would have been a lot faster if Sarah hadn't handed me a vodka tonic to take along on our hike. :-)

Kate-I guess it's because those little legs don't have a lot on top to slow them down. :-)

45!!!!!! Hey, how are you??? Loved a Rex once, eh? That sounds like a good story too.

Hilary-Spook looked so good against that green on the pond. My camera has been rather wonky with the exposures lately so I'm glad the Spook photo turned out.

Paula-Welcome to my blog. Thank you for your nice comment. :-D

Rural-You're right, it was just the best day.

Maggie May said...

It is difficult to pick just one picture that is a favourite because they all seem so lovely, but the ones with Spook in them (especially him sitting against the green of the pond) reminded me of a favourite cat I once had that looked the same. So those ones won, hands down!
I came over from Hilary's (The Smitten Image) where you had a mention in her POTW. Congratulations!

Nuts in May

Anonymous said...

What a heavenly spot! Lovely story and pictures.

POTW mention and deservedly so.

Brian Miller said...

ha. love taking my boys to the farm...the experience is so much better through their eyes...the pic of the horse gave me a great smile. nice snaps. congrats on the POTW!

Cheffie-Mom said...

What a HAPPY post!! I love it!! Rex is PRECIOUS!! Congrats on the POTW Award!!

Maria said...

Lovely post, enjoyed the illustrations too.

Maria said...

What a surprise to find so many nice comments from so many new people. Oh that Hilary. :-)

Maggie May-That photo of Spook against the green pond was my favorite too. I don't think I could have taken a bad photo of that scene if I even tried. It was just photo-ready. I have a thing for grey cats too. Violet is my third grey cat.

Moannie-Aw, thanks. I liked writing that post because there were so many great photos to look at...and then there were those Rex action shots. Just action shots. He turns two next month and I guess that's when the toddling really starts!

Brian-You're right. It was fun following Rex and being shown his interests.

Cheffie Mom-You're right too. That was a happy day. That Rex is something to watch in action. Constant......action. :-)

Gaelikaa-Thank you for your nice comment. I hadn't thought of the photos as illustrations're right too!