Sunday, October 4, 2009

Birds on a wire

Sometimes when I'm stopped at a traffic light, I like to look up and watch the birds sitting on the electrical wires.

What on earth are they doing up there and what are they thinking?

I remember one time watching a big line up of starlings on a wire and one mourning dove waaaaaaay at the end. One starling got off the wire and flew to position himself right next to the dove. Right next to it. I saw the two of them sitting there side by side taking in the shared view and then the starling turned his head in profile and gave the dove a long look. He then turned his head and looked forward again, just like the dove. Then he turned his head and gave the dove another one of those looks in profile. Back to sharing the viewpoint looking forward. And then......another one of those looks in profile giving that dove a big, long staredown. He kept looking at that dove for a long time, longer than what could be called polite. It took a while, but that dove finally flew off and the starling then flew back to get his place in line with the rest of the starlings on the wire.

Little brat. Reminded me of one of Dick's cartoons which I think is pretty accurate for what goes on in their heads.


Leenie said...

The mourning dove story is a winner. Not many people would observe such an interchange. As for the cartoon--they must have been guy birds. If they were females it would have been a whole 'nother conversation.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for your wonderful bird post! Birds are one of our favorite topics. They're also one of our favorite meals:)

Maria said...

Hey Leenie-Once I started living with a starling, I became aware of all the starlings out there and feel somewhat included in their flock (or murmuration as it is called in poetry). I'm just always aware of them when I'm outdoors. Can't help it. ;-)

I also like to watch flocks of crows at traffic lights. One fall I was driving home where there is this one spot at the university where all the crows congregate at night. Just thousands of them all with something to say. I was waiting at a light that seemed extra long and was watching them all fly when I noticed one from one side fly as fast as possible in a straight line toward another one doing the same thing from the opposite direction. Those two crows were playing chicken! They would almost collide and then veer off and then try it again. My sister used to live in the mountains and watch the crows play catch with a stick. One would fly high and drop it and the crow flying below would try and catch it. I guess I just know what to look for and am patient enough to wait for a story to happen because I do love stories...wherever I can find one. :-)

Ha ha about the cartoon comment.

T&C-Oh you guys make me laugh out loud. Every time!

Country Girl said...

Reminds me of when I was little and our mother told us the birds were lined up because it was a bird wedding. We would try to find the bride and groom.


Every time I see birds lined up on a wire, I think of my mother.

Maria said...

Oh my goodness. That is soooooo darn cute. I'm going to look for the bride and groom next time I see a bunch of birds on a line.

Mental P Mama said...

Okay. That's funny;)