Thursday, March 5, 2009

Santa Rosa, CA 1979

When Rane was visiting last week, he brought along some old photos from our past. There was one picture taken in a photobooth of Rane and his grandmother and when I saw it, I realized that I too had a photobooth picture and it was probably taken on the very same day. It was a picture of Rane's brother Tom and me. The four of us must have been at the mall together that day. I remember I was not too enthusiastic about getting my picture taken because I had an enormous zit on my chin (but thanks to Photoshop, that 30 year old photographed blemish is now gone!). I showed this photo to Rane and he was horrified by the hair and mustache but then realized it wasn't him, it was his twin brother Tom. Ha ha ha.

And this is Tom and Rane's grandmother Moey. Tom dropped out of college to take care of her because she could no longer be trusted to take care of herself. 

She was quite the creative dresser. Those outfits she wore would constantly be rearranged and added to throughout the day. She might start out with a blue print dress...

...but later might feel the need to add a blouse over the dress.

...and maybe a skirt too. And those shoes match but um, the socks don't anymore. 

Moey would also constantly rearrange her clothes until sometimes she had managed to tie her arms behind her. Then she'd laugh because she had no idea how her clothes managed to do that. And they did that a lot. Old people repeat themselves a lot, usually when talking but with Moey, it was with her clothes. 

That woman and her clothes were constantly on the move. I helped take care of her just one time when Tom flew back for a high school reunion and good grief, that was something trying to keep track of her. 

Back in the day when Moey used to drive, she knew the fastest way to get someplace was by freeway. If she was missing for five minutes and you couldn't see her walking in the distance (she liked to collect leaves in her purse), there was a possibility that she was on her way to find an on-ramp to the freeway. Luckily 911 knew all about this and knew where to look for the on-ramp seeking runaway grandmother.


Mental P Mama said...

Bless her heart.

Barb said...

Gosh - kinda reminds me of my mother. And I'm told I get more like her every day!

Maria said...

You and your mother must be very happy people. Moey seemed to get a kick out of every stupid situation she got herself into. She laughed a lot. :-)