Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Yellow daffodils...

...and yellow forsythia. I'm calling it spring since the landscape is sprinkled with yellow today. :-) And although Easter isn't until next month, it's still a spring event so I thought I'd pull out some of my Easter postcards.

Easter bunnies and Easter eggs have always been a confusing combination. I'm not quite sure what is being suggested here... <:-/

The neighbor kid that lived next door to us when we were growing up believed that bunnies hatched from eggs and never thought to question that concept until he reached the sixth grade. I guess I can understand the confusion... but sixth grade?

Well, this postcard is confusing too. It explains where the bunnies are getting their eggs but what is with that mother hen serving eggs to her visiting rabbit neighbor and her kids as well as serving eggs to her own kids? That's just wrong.

That baby rabbit is pretty darn cute though.

And it looks like human kids and rabbits are not as good at sharing as chickens are with their eggs. I don't know who stole the basket from who but those rabbits mean business. Watch it, kid.

It's probably easiest for absolutely everyone involved to just not bring up the confusing subject of Easter eggs and the rabbits that don't lay them. Just let Easter bunnies pick their own way of celebrating Easter and the arrival of spring (in a Santa suit with a carriage pulled by june bugs!). :-)

As always, click on the images if you want to see bigger views of them.


Mental P Mama said...

I love these old cards. I am also always bothered by the Cadbury commercial where they show the bunny and flash to the Cadbury egg that opens to look like a real egg inside. I'm gagging a little just typing this;) I hope to see some turtles soon!

Maria said...

Oh, those turtles. They can't wait to get outdoors too. I was so tired of hearing them scratching the sides of their tanks tonight so I let them out to do whatever they felt they needed to do in the basement. It's always interesting to see where they decide to settle down. They find the strangest things to get themselves stuck under.

I remember one time my turtle Lucy was loose in my old apartment and I found him behind the refrigerator. Not on the floor though, he had crawled up the back of the old refrigerator vertically and when I found him he was at my eye level. Yeah, turtles are something else.

Country Girl said...

Am jealous of your yellow surroundings! It's coming slowly here. Love the antique cards. I think there's chocolate in them thar eggs, don't you?

Deedee said...

Gorgeous postcards! I love them. Can't wait for our brown & grey world to come back to life too.

Maria said...

The pear trees bloomed yesterday and then last night things exploded. Today there are daffodils and some tulips and some fruit trees that are bright spring green with the promise of flowers arriving soon. It is astonishing at just how fast this winter to spring transition happens. Hang in there, look for some yellow, then just step back and watch.

Mental-the turtles got to go out for a little bit today. Michael Ray smashed some snowdrops. They haven't even bloomed yet. >:-/