Sunday, February 15, 2009

A psychic day

Years ago I flew up to Chicago to see the Charles Rennie Mackintosh show at the Art Institute. When I was there I thought of someone I used to work with and thought he should be at the exhibit too since he was such an admirer of Mackintosh, so much so that he had a dining room table made in the Mackintosh style. When I left the exhibit, I walked into one of the modern American art galleries........and there was Payton. That sure was strange and I told him so. So off we went to have lunch at The Berghoff bar which was fun because in it was nothing but Chicago men in suits standing at the bar eating lunch and drinking beer...and me. Fun. :-)

On the flight back to Kansas City, I sat next to a woman who had flown up for a business trip. A long time ago, a fellow passenger introduced me to the game of six degrees of separation where you interview each other to see if you know anyone in common. I think this game only works with other women. Men totally freak out with that kind of thing. Anyway, the two of us kept asking each other questions and found that the only thing we had in common was that we were the same age. However, with this new person I played the game with, we did discover that we both did know someone in common (!!!!!). I work in a big corporation so it's not difficult to find someone who knows someone who works there but it is very unusual to actually know who that person is. We were so darn pleased and proud of ourselves. Anyway, as we continued to talk, we started talking about our pets. I told her the story about Eddie and the dead dog. She laughed at the story and then after a short hesitation asked if the dog was a black lab. Then both of us got big eyes and at the same time asked each other, "Was his name Augie?" This total stranger I was sitting next to happened to be best friends with the guy who owned the dog that died in my living room!!!!!!!

On another flight I told this story to a woman I was sitting next to and then she smiled and said she had a story too. She had an old dog that she adored and when he passed away, it was a long time before she was ready to adopt another. One day her husband took her to the humane society where there they found a bunch of black lab puppies, the kind of dog she wanted. When her husband asked her which one she wanted, she did not know what came over her but she pointed to a puppy that was in a little boy's arms and said, "That one." The puppy was taken from the boy and was brought home to live with this woman and her husband. Anyway, she loved that dog and he grew old and one day while she was walking him in the park she met a young man who was also walking a black lab. She told him what a beautiful dog it was and then the young man said something interesting. He said that when he was a little kid, he and his family had gone to the humane society to adopt a puppy and were in the process of figuring out which one when some woman pointed to the dog he was holding and it was swooped away. I then asked that woman if she told him her part of that story. Nope, she kept her mouth closed. That young man would never know that the dog that was supposed to go home with him that day was instead living with the woman he had accidentally met in the park. Ha ha ha.


Deedee said...

It is amazing, isn't it? This sort of thing has happened to me on several occasions. I refer to it as synchronicity. Life sure is strange!

Country Girl said...

Wow. When I hear stories like this, I marvel that it really is a small world, after all.