Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Babe's return to Redbud Ranch

On Saturday, Babe was returned to his family at Redbud Ranch. He had been staying with me a long time so this was going to be a big adjustment. Not only was he going to a new house that was built while he was away, but he was going to be living with a new person he had never met before-baby Rex.

Babe and baby Rex were introduced. Daffodil, the cat nanny in the background, had fireballs loaded up in her eyes just in case the meeting didn't go that great...but it did.

Rex discovered Babe had some pretty neat toys.

And the cage was interesting to try to take apart too.

I think the two of them will become very good friends...although it might take a couple more days for a friendship to start since Babe woke everyone up with his smoke alarm sounds and cell phone ringing at 3 am on his first night back at Redbud Ranch. Ha ha ha. I didn't think he'd start in on that so soon. Gawd. Poor Sarah.

Miss that little bird. But not that smoke alarm. :-)


Mental P Mama said...

I just love that Babe.

Country Girl said...

Nice birdie!

Bad alarm.

45+ and Aspiring said...

What's your cell phone number? Puppy Yeats wakes us in the night. . .I'll be happy to fill the void and give you a call . . ;)

Maria said...

Babe is the best. His alarms are the worst.

45-You goofball. Sorry, but I'm not going to jump at your very thoughtful offer. I adapted to an alarm-free night pretty darn fast. Ha ha ha.

kim said...

that is too funny :) and that baby....too cute!!