Friday, July 6, 2012

Happy Hatchdays

The always good and always sweet Starlinka turned 11 years old in June!

Stella turned 21 in April but unlike Adele, she's not going to make anyone cry about it.

And then there were the twins....the terrible, terrible, no longer teenager twins.

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Michael Ray and Cathy Jean may have turned 20 years old last month but they certainly didn't get any more mature.

Nonetheless, everyone had a happy hatchday...some just involved more cleanup afterwards than others. :-/


Pix at Under the Oaks said...

Happy Birthday to the Feathered Ones and the Shelled Ones!!! And yes it is like a pizza oven here without the benefit of pizza. No rain since late April. I can't wait for Fall and I have a head cold that is about to blow my head off! Relief is coming to you right? And then to us I hope. Cooler but hardly a chance of rain. Tell me about the Oaks Maria and all the other trees. Will they survive? We had to take down two Oaks Tuesday.

Maria said...

Feather and shells. Haha. Never thought of that before. Oh Pix. I think today it is going to be 107? Maybe that's least it's not humid because there's no water to evaporate. Oh it's awful. Pizza oven is a good description for what is going on. You are good with descriptions today, Pix! Sorry about the cold. That's been going on around here too. And all those poor trees. I step outside and all I can smell is baking wood ...and that makes me feel bad about myself because it is a nice smell. Well, time for me to start my day. I just put Michael outdoors for the morning. I came home last night after work to hear him ramming the back door to get in. Good thing it's a metal door

Leenie said...

Laughed out loud at the Adele v.s. Stella photo. There is quite a remarkable resemblance. Happy birthday to all.

Maria said...

Leenie-I laughed at that one too. Thanks for the good wishes. :-)

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I like how you think Pix. Feather and shells? Hilarious. Happy Birthday to you our animal friends. Hope you have more birthdays to come. :)

Unknown said...

Awwww. So cute. I really love animals. What a lovely shots too. I appreciate it very much. Thanks for sharing. I love it!

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