Friday, July 15, 2011

Too hot for one turtle

No real story here...more of a paragraph really...because it's just too hot to say or think anything other than that it's......HOT.

It was hot this morning...

And it's hotter now...

The turtles were served watermelon when I got home from work today.

However, Cathy Jean walked away from the watermelon and gave me a long and pitiful look.

When I came back outside, she was at the bottom of the steps trying to get into the house. Since I was not picking up on her concentrated telepathic wishes, she was just going to get inside that air conditioned house herself.

I brought her in for the night while Starlinka (on her favorite sconce) observed Cathy Jean select the best sleeping spot for the night.

And she's not telling me where it is. I have no idea where Cathy is now...but I know she's passed out somewhere and is blissfully cool.

Outdoors....someone now had the watermelon all to himself. Who cares about temperature when you suddenly find yourself with a serving of watermelon for two?


Pix at Under the Oaks said...

Good Morning Maria!!! My computer is back from the fix it shop with a brand new hard drive. Yikes. Just how does a hard drive become a corrupted hardened criminal. Who Knew? Did I corrupt it? I am sure I had something to do with it :)

It is DANG HOT and going to get hotter and I get a bad cranky going on when it hits 100! I am with Cathy Jean. Give me some A/C! Let Mr. Michael have his watermelon in the stinkin' heat. Starlinka cracks me up and so does Stellafullahella. Have not heard nothing about her lately. I would love to hear something about her baaaaaaad self!

Maria said...

Oh Pix. Your computer went bad on you? Haha about your thoughts about corruption but I sure do hope your criminal computer was able to release all your data it held hostage. Computers gone bad are the saddest stories. I'm backing up everything tonight because of your story!

It's just 10 in the morning and it's horrible out there. I put Cathy Jean outside just now and I should check and see if she's trying to get up the steps to get back into the house. I have no idea where she took her snooze last night but I woke up to her galomphing into my bedroom, parking next to the bed to get my attention, and then impatiently waiting for me to get up and get the breakfast made. I never realized how similar she was to her brother before. Hahaha.

I'll work on a story about Stella. I've been too preoccupied with my Kansas activities to find a story about Stella but you know, there's always one when it comes to her. Isn't that Starlinka on the sconce funny? She is always peering around things so I just see her little head. I remember when she was a baby, she used to play in an empty vase on the mantle and every once in a while, her little bird head would up periscope to see what I was doing.

Off to Lawrence, KS today for would sound more fun if it wasn't so "stinkin' hot!!!!"

Leenie said...

So sorry about the weather from hell. I'm trying not to be too smug about our perfect weather since it only lasts a couple of months and then we have rotten weather for the other ten. Getting a kick out of the antics of your turtle friends and Starlinka keeping track of them for you. Those pink walls and blue crown molding are quite eye catching.

Out on the prairie said...

Some lovely pics and shared thoughts, I had fun going through a number of posts.It is nice to find ways to beat this heat wave.

Maria said...

Leenie-It is crazy hot awful down here. Glad it's nice SOMEwhere. This heat makes the turtles get really hungry so in the last couple days....all my sedum got eaten. Oh well, at least it comes back.

I like the colors in my house much so that I might paint the interior of my next house the exact same colors. The house had those colors when I bought it. I'm not responsible for it (I wish I could brag about coming up with the colors myself). Interior paint color is rocket science as far as I'm concerned. I have much respect for people who can put together walls of color that work.

Out on the Prairie-Hey, welcome to my blog that is half prairie, half not. Yes, the heat this year is just awful. Awful. I was out on my land in Kansas on Sunday and I was ready to lie down in a creek puddle with the dogs. The heat was that bad. I instead took a gallon bottle of water that I was going to use on some plants and just poured most of the thing over my head. Didn't cool me off until I took my damp self home later and BRRRRRRRRR, you can really feel the air conditioning when you're soaking wet. It was delightful.

Maureen said...

Very lush and green here on the Cape, but icky hot and humid, at least I can walk to the beach.

Maria said...

Maureen-that just sounds like heaven to me.

mosaicgardens said...

OK, you weren't kidding, "Gardening With Turtles!" I thought it was a metaphor.... Gardening with (and around and for) animals is one of my passions, so it's great to find your site.

And now I want some watermelon!

Maria said...

Mosaic-Nope. My blog's name is not a metaphor. It's just accurate. :-) That's cool that you garden around animals too. Your gardens don't show it though. Mine DO. Sigh. Hope you got your watermelon. :-)