Sunday, May 2, 2010

Things are just better when you add a little Bacon

Yesterday Rie wondered if I was driving to my land in Kansas today because even though Bacon was still a little gimpy from last week's adventure, he was getting restless for another one. Rie found out that Costco parking lots are no substitute for the outdoors once a dog has turned country.

And so it was on. Sunday afternoon in Kansas. Not Sunday afternoon in Missouri cleaning the kitchen and the rest of the filthy house like how I had sort of planned.... getting outdoors was too compelling and when we got to Kansas, Rie and Burgess and Bucky and Bacon and I got there at the exact same time. We met at the intersection. :-)

Bucky is always good when it comes to water (that's what I've heard and that's what I've seen).

She's a very good mermaid for being such an old girl.

But Bacon? Today was a big day because Bacon figured out where all the good shallow spots in the creek were and has now officially become unafraid of water.

Almost. He's still not comfortable when water comes down from the sky. On the drive out Bacon had to drive through a short storm. But me? I only saw great big clouds against a bright blue sky when I was driving.

The clouds today were just astonishing. Every time I rounded a curve or reached the top of a hill, all I could think of was WOW. There aren't any good places to stop on a 65 mph rural highway with ditches bordering each side but I tried my best....stopping right on the highway and taking a quick picture before revving up as fast as possible before another car appeared behind me.

I took this picture at a stoplight though. That is not an explosion made in a construction zone, that's just a cloud, a great big cloud. Really big. Crazy big.

These clouds gently arc-ed their way over the trees in a wispy Van Gogh sort of way.

I don't know why this one was all stretched out while the clouds behind it were sorting themselves into a line of cotton balls. What kind of weather was going on up there?

Drama. How else to describe this ridiculous amount of cloudage?

And then there were clouds so heavy they didn't want to stay up in the air anymore.

When I got back to Kansas City, the clouds were all over the horizon, in front of me, behind me, both sides of me and above me...just big white clouds everywhere I looked. That directional sign needs a few more arrows if it wants to be accurate.

The clouds today were incredibly beautiful...and I would have missed seeing them if it wasn't for my new Kansas craving friend Bacon. :-)


Rural Rambler said...

Maria you DID have a beautiful blue sky filled awesome clouds. You also had SUN. Back here near Jeff City we had two dreary, drippy days. Bleh. Today is beautiful. Glad you made it to your bit of country!

Maureen said...

Hope you missed all the terrible weather out there, we've got people parking cars with homemade bombs in them, but no tornados, at least not today

Maria said...

Pix-I did have a beautiful day with blue skies but apparently other people had storms. I must have driven all around them. Every once in a while the clouds get themselves set up to do something extraordinary. One of the best sky days was a couple years ago when all the clouds were shaped like round cotton balls and then they lined themselves up equidistant from each other so they looked like they were on a grid stretching to infinity. Just so darn cool. That's another thing I need to study up on, clouds, since in Kansas I get to see them!

Okay, it just got sunny about 15 minutes ago so hopefully you'll get that weather soon too. AND speaking of Jeff City, have you ever been to the Missouri Wildflowers Nursery? I bought some plants from them at the Powell Gardens sale over the weekend, a native flower called zizia? I had never heard of it. It has the most divine fragrance. I've been trying to find a place that knew about and really promoted native plants to this area and I finally found it. Add one more thing to the list of great things that happened over the weekend.

Maureen. I guess I really am full of the shiny and bright again because I never turned on the news to see what was happening in the rest of the country. Okay, what's with this parked cars and homemade bombs? I know parking is impossible in NYC but carrying homemade bombs to get a space??? What's going on out there?

Leenie said...

Maria: Smart move, leave the house behind and enjoy the big wide world. Your cloud photos are awesome in the very best way. I understand gawking at such things until you just have to stop for a photo even if you become a road hazard and, perhaps, a speed bump. Glad you had a good time. Glad you shared.

Kathy, a soaring turtle said...

i just found you from toon's blog.

i love turtles, all animals really.

great blog.

Deedee said...

We had some amazing clouds here yesterday- it was a day of lightning, sunshine, down pours, and blue skies all mixed together. Beautiful pictures! Bucky is my favorite.

Unknown said...

What would you charge if I wanted to buy one of your Kansas Cloud pictures? I write poetry and put photography/pictures with them/behind them; the two correspond with each other if you know what I mean. My husband and I are just getting into a business that does these kinds of things; we don't even have anything ready to sell yet, so we don't yet know if it will bring in any income, but you have to start somewhere.



Maria said...

Charity-I can't find a contact email for you. Email me at: so I can forward some info to you. Have you considered using free stock photos? If you're starting a business and are new to publishing, I'd first test your ideas without spending money. For example, a quick Google search resulted in this: Thanks for the nice comment. You made my day and gave me the kick in the pants to start writing on the blog again....sheesh, it's been years! A lot has happened and a lot has not. :-) Looking forward to hearing from you again. Maria :-)