Saturday, May 15, 2010

Rain, rain, go away....and don't come back on Sunday........that's tomorrow. I'm serious, don't come back.

I'm looking for sun where I can find it because once (or twice) again it just keeps raining. The bullydogs were supposed to come out to the country today but it just keeps raining...and raining. Besides being gloomy and just plain wet and cold, I'm not sure how deep the creek is anyway. After all this rain, Rie says the little sausage known as Bucky would probably float away if the creek was deep and running fast.

So I look for some sun substitutes while it rains outside.

I remember years ago I was at the Zuni Cafe in San Francisco and their entryway bouquet was a huge flowering branch from a tulip tree. I had never seen the flowers close up before. They were incredibly exotic and beautiful. Memorably beautiful, actually. I usually see the flowers from far maybe 50 feet away because when the tree blooms, it usually blooms high up and when you look at the flowers, it's almost always looking up at the bottoms of them from down below. For a couple weeks now the tulip tree in my front yard has been blooming. I usually cannot see the flowers very well until it's time for a tree trimming...which is probably going to happen this year because I was able to reach up and snip a branch to bring inside.

And then take it right back out to the backyard to photograph up close.

Look at the stamen eyelashes on this one...

There's sort of a sun ray thing going on in the middle there....although in keeping with today's theme of falling water from the sky, maybe it looks more like an underwater sea anemone with some crazy tentacles.

The tulip poplar (Liriodendron tulipifera) is native to the U.S. and is definitely on my list of trees to plant on my land in Kansas. Maybe I'll even transplant some seedlings I find in my yard later in the year since this is a tree that grows relatively fast.

This photo was taken a couple days ago. Because it's been raining so much, I think all those flowers are now homeless petals on the wet ground. And probably very, very clean.

I was at Powell Gardens a couple weeks ago for their annual plant sale and came home with about a dozen sedums and sempervivums. I'm planning a rock garden and rock garden plants usually like sun and lots of it. They have an orb quality to them too, like the sun.

This one is so tiny and compact I could wear it as a piece of jewelry. I just love these things.

I potted them up last weekend since they aren't going to be planted in the ground any time soon. And after that I went to a garden center and brought home even more.

I hope they survive all this rain. They're not looking all that happy. I keep checking on them and moving them around so they can at least dry out a little but the rain still finds them. Everything out there is sopping wet.

I wonder when the moss that has started to grow on some of the pots will have had enough of this rain because the rest of us certainly have (!).


Country Girl said...

Oh, it's too much, the rain your part of the country has been getting. You captured the tulip poplar flower quite well, too. And I love those little sedum, hens & chicks or whatever they are. That first one with the spirals is really cool. Oh, I hope the sun comes out for you soon . . .

And sorry I haven't been by lately.

Mental P Mama said...

I hope it stops raining on you, too. And those succulents--hens and chicks--will multiply like rabbits!! They will be wonderful;)

Leenie said...

The weather map still looks pretty wet where you are. Maybe you should study up on boat construction.

Your flower photos are most excellent. I love how nature follows the Divine Proportion of 1.618--PHI--(explained very well in The DaVinci Code novel) the spirals of the sedum illustrate that very well. Other examples: the arrangement of seeds in a sunflower's head, chambers in a nautilus shell, ratios in the human body eg. distance of joints of fingers and toes. The ratio in a pentacle, the proportions of the pyramids and the what was I saying? Oh, yeah, I like your photos of the tulip tree blossoms and the rock garden plants.

Rural Rambler said...

Maria it finally starts clearing today! Couple days to dry out and then maybe some storms midweek. It has been cruddy for seven days!! My container flowers are shot but the sun should be here this afternoon-woot!

Maria said...

Oh my. I sure took some time off from the blog. So much time that everything has dried out so tonight's possible thunder/rain/hail storm is almost welcome. :-/

Leenie-Oh yes. The Fibonacci sequence. Funny thing, when I originally read your comment, earlier in the day I had stumbled upon a poetry site based on the Fibonacci sequence (!!!!!). I can't find it now but a quick google check came up with this (close enough)...

How odd the two of us stumbled upon that math thing on the same day. :-)