Saturday, April 3, 2010

Whoa!!!! Settle down there!!!

Spring is moving along a little too fast.

New flowers seem to bloom hourly.

And until the squirrels start stomping on them, they are just perfection.

It's like all these plants have had a little bit too much sugar because the blooming going on in the last couple days can only be described as HyPeRacTiVe. See this new tulip?

One day later, it's already wiped out.

I remember I used to sit near a large window at work that faced a hillside across the street with forsythia growing at the top. Once forsythia decides to bloom, forsythia does it fast. Sitting across from it on that one certain day in spring was pretty darn nice. You could check on it every hour or two and watch the hillside transform from some tentative yellow in the morning to a full hill of crazy at the end of the day. The plants this year are blooming at forsythia speed. Every 8 hour shift has something new making a big arm waving appearance. All of my daffodils are in bloom (as are my early tulips) and some of the trees have that bright baby green glow when their flowers start to bloom. Soooo pretty. And of course there is SUN and when it's not raining, a bright blue sky!!!! I just love it.

I find it hard to believe there is anyone out there who does not share this enthusiasm for spring but they're out there...

...sometimes even in your own garden.


Sandra said...

My cat guards my tulips as well:))
The tulip is my favorite flower so I planted 30 of them last fall. Only a few are in bloom... can+t wait for the others!

Maria said...

Sandra-oh I don't think that cat was guarding the tulips since he was sort of smashing them. I have no idea what he was doing so tucked in among all that greenery. I haven't seen that cat in about a month so I just let him stay hidden where I found him. But that face! Even when the world is full of pretty, that one can never crack a smile...his permanent scowl kind of cracks me up though. hahaha

I like tulips too because they're pretty to look at and easy to draw. :-)

Leenie said...

Keep posting those flower photos. Some day it will happen here. Not today. Blizzard stupid snow. Bleh. Had to hide eggs inside. Result--pandamonium. Then sugared out kids. Would LOVE some sunshine and blossoms. Love your grumpy friend in the tulips. Hehe!

Mental P Mama said...

It does seem like over night they all just blossomed! And we all need it!

Maria said...

Oh Leenie. That is such a sad story. I think I told you about my sister when she lived in Conifer, Colorado...the daffodils didn't come up until June or July or something worse. You know the cartoon "South Park" and how it always seems to be permanently winter? One of its creators grew up in Conifer. That little town is just covered with snow just about all of the time. I send you my sympathy.

Mental-You know it. The explosion of color matches what's going on with all those birds outside. When birds "speed date" it's pretty darn loud!

Rural Rambler said...

Maria, I know Iknow!!!! I want it to stop already. I love this time of year and enjoy every second of every minute of every hour of every day. All the little flowers faces have me being all happy and I want them to take their sweet time :) That fuzz face flower in the last shot looks a bit cranky!

Toon said...

Crazy blooming is a perfect term for what's going on. Is Spring trying to rush along to Summer? I fear as much.