Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Oh come on now!

It's spring. I get that. But does everything have to bloom in just one week's time? There are the fruit trees, the magnolias, the redbuds, the daffodils, tulips and hyacinths, the dandelions...and now there are even leaves appearing on the rest of the trees so there is some sort of green or color halo around everything out there. It's distracting. I don't know what to look at first. :-/

I came home from work today before another deluge of rain/hail/thunder and lightning hit (plants really like the excitement of all of that) and when I looked in Violet's water bowl...I saw a beetle. What kind of beetle? I could not be right. I just couldn't but my guess was confirmed when I looked it up in one of my guides.

A firefly. Huh. A firefly in April.

True...this one is a different sort than what I usually see. He's called a black firefly and is active during the day, not night, and a lot of times doesn't even bother to use his lighting equipment. But still, a firefly.

I took him outside and put him on the glider. I'm sure his confusion and slowness was due to his swimming in the water bowl for I don't know how long but I think he was also confused about where he was and how he got there...you could call it his own little "Lost" episode.

He looked too vulnerable to be left on the glider and since it looked like he was not going to be flying anywhere soon, I moved him to a daffodil in the garden. He immediately crawled around to hang on the underside of the flower.

He held on to that flower with a tight grip because a storm was blowing in and the wind was really shaking that daffodil. Look at those little hands. "Eeeeeee! Why is my world so shaky shaky?"

Poor little thing could not get his bearings. I would imagine this would be the first time he (or any firefly!) has ever seen a daffodil too.

Fireflies in the first week of April. Crazy. Just like what's going on with all the blooming flowers out there.


Leenie said...

Good for you--rescueing the little critter. Certainly Lost. Hope he can survive his trip through time. Loved the flower pics. Nice camera work. As for weather. It is JUST WEIRD this year. We had a couple of blizzards over the weekend. The snow plows came out again. School closed. Now we have temps in the 50's.

Maria said...

I hope he survived his trip back in time too. It went down to 32 last night and it was hailing heavily in the area yesterday. Thanks for the nice comments on the photos. I didn't want to use my flash because it washes everything out and I wanted to capture his little gripping hands. It was too dark and too windy to try without so I'm happy I was able to pull it off. Regarding your weather, same thing happened here a couple weeks ago. Ten inches of snow and then 50 degrees the next day. Here's hoping you too get a one week spring season soon like the rest of us.

Kimberly said...

I feel the same way down here in southern Alabama. The dogwoods and azaleas are blooming their little hearts out. But I'm wondering ... how's Michael Ray and Cathy Jean these days?

Maria said...

Kimberly-Thank you for asking about the terrible twins. They got to go outside for the first time on April 1 and another day this week but they've been brought back indoors because it's still too cold to leave them out for very long. I tried to take pictures of them but they were (not surprisingly) very uncooperative. They pulled their little heads in when they saw me and would not come out. And I did wait a long time. It will be turtle writing season soon enough though. The peonies are about a foot or so tall and I know the twins can't wait to get at them. Bad, bad predictable turtles.

Q said...

I am so happy you took the black firefly outside to the daff! He is a handsome bug.
Catch and release is the best....
Nice friend of the bugs you are.