Monday, March 1, 2010

Forcing spring to happen

Last week? More ice. More zero degree nights.

The week before that, it was not as cold so I drove out to that land in Kansas. Snow had fallen again. Always that same one inch.

The creek was partially frozen...

...and the water under the ice was moving fast, so fast you could hear it from the top of the hill.

There were lots and lots of tracks in the new snow. It looked like Aussie was joined by a friend.

I think this intersection could use a traffic signal or some four-way stop signs.

A lot of the tracks seemed to criss-cross each other and it looked like nobody was following anyone. Everybody kept their nose out of everyone else's business.

It was a very quiet day except for the sound of an owl in the distance hoo hoo hoo-ing. I was surprised to see it silently fly to a tree nearby to give me a good staredown. Yikes. Time to go home, it was getting dark and I found the owl scrutiny a little unnerving.

I had cut some forsythia branches earlier to bring home and hopefully force into bloom. The buds were very tiny but what the heck, I am desperate for a sign of spring. If I couldn't get them to bloom this time, I could always try again with some fresh branches later.

Nothing happened for a couple weeks and I knew I had probably cut the forsythia stems too soon but when I was about to throw the whole brown stem bouquet out, I looked at the very top of it and saw this...


Even when you force spring to happen, it still surprises you with its unexpected appearance. :-)


Mental P Mama said...

I love that forsythia! And the running water!

Maria said...

The running water was something! I took a little video of it but there was a dog barking about something in the background so it didn't quite capture the mood. And the forsythia...what a surprise. I need to go out there again this weekend and bring home a carload of the stuff. :-)

Toon said...

Yes! Spring is trying her damnedest to bust out, but Winter is being all selfish and mean.

Leenie said...

Fun track photos. The idea of the sound of water running free in its channel is so welcome. So is the bright yellow. The change in weather is out there. Yay for forsythia!

Rural Rambler said...

The FORSYTHIA!!! I love forsythia and bought two last year and put them down by the school house rock. I hope they do their thing this Spring, if Spring ever gets itself together and gets here. I love it when you show pictures of your land at different seasons!

Q said...

Spring is trying to come!
The forsythia is lovely....I saw my first bee of the season on ny crocus! Oh happy day!
I feel as if it has been a very cold and wet winter. My husband and i fly kites yesterday....Spring is awakening...