Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Year!

This past decade has been the pits and I'm hoping this coming year will not be an introduction (to paraphrase Dorothy Parker) to a decade of fresh new hell. Here's to a great new year and if things start sliding in the other direction, here's hoping there's at least a good story in it so we can laugh about it later.


Country Girl said...

We can only hope. Seriously though, an entire decade? Tell me it ain't so.

Leenie said...

Every decade has its own form of hell. I hope, like you, that we can find something to laugh about while we work our way through. Your unusual family, your adventures and your clever writing have always made your postings entertaining.

Maria said...

Well.....there were a lot of good spots too. Some really good spots. I'm just thinking of the economy and the nasty effects it had on the people around me and I guess, me too. Just sort of losing hope about things improving, you know? I am so, so grateful to my friend Meg for telling me I had to buy that land. I had to be reminded that I did have dreams and that heck, I could achieve them if I just took one big step forward. I'm also thankful to new friends I met along the way (like YOU)...I'm thankful for a lot of things. I just hope that the next decade, or at least the next couple years, will be a lot easier for everyone. I'm going to think of this time as a transition period to something better. I remember one time at work asking out loud why things couldn't be easier and Barb, who sat next to me, piped up, "Because life isn't meant to be easy!" She forgets saying that but I wrote it down on a 3x5. That was a very bad period at work but it was also one of my happiest in a weird sort of way because in times of deep stress, people bond and as I have found out, will be there for you practically forever.

New years are turning points and when I reflect back, OMG. I was going to write about some of the things that happened this past year but am not sure how far I wanted to go with intruding on other people's privacy...well, okay, here's one....I can check this one off my list of things I thought I'd never be doing but did...picking someone up downtown after midnight after this person had been released from a detention center. Gawd. Not like that hasn't happened with the male members of my family (both sides) over and over and over. Ha ha ha. One Thanksgiving one of my brothers had not been heard from for a couple hours and most families, when concerned, would call friends or even a hospital but my dad chose to call the city jail and when he asked if Sean was there, the person answering the phone said, "Not yet."

Well....I do like to laugh. So much so that that is sort of my profession. I guess I'm looking for less reasons to have a need to laugh, if that makes sense.

Maria said...

Aw, Leenie. You got right in there while I was writing that long, long, long reply to Kate. Yeah, exactly what you said. :-)

Thank you so much, as always, for your kind comments. I always look forward to what you have to say because sometimes I'm not sure if I've rambled off to the deep end, or somewhere further than that.

Maureen said...

Year of the Tiger coming up, that should be interesting! GRRRR.

Maria said...

Oh Maureen. I saw that illustrated first thing this morning when I was trying to put food out on TWO separate paper plates for two stray cats. Even with such an effort for fairness, they were both mad that the other one got food and so a big fight erupted. The kind where you only see one cat, not two. That super rotating screaming ball of fur rolled all over the deck but it was too cold for me to see the end of it. Maybe by the time they stopped their rolling they had turned to butter. Isn't that what tigers chasing themselves do? Gawd. It's near zero out there...but apparently not cold enough to calm down some pretty hot tempers.

I'm still hopeful for a good year. Last year was a very interesting one. Actually, it was a pretty dramatic one. I'm thinking my new year blahs are from a big case of cabin fever. It just snowed again (although I still love snow) but dang, it's hard to have fun when it's so darn cold (and this from a girl who used to live in Minnesota and San Francisco, two of the coldest places ever!).