Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Will this ever get old?

I've stomped this land long enough over the past couple months that I'm beginning to know where I am when I get lost. Aussie and I were following the creek as far south as we could while a dog barked in the background. Aussie usually attends to noises like that but she ignored that dog in the distance because I guess she had heard all about what that dog was saying before.

We ended up where three properties converge and dang, it was pretty. I wish all of it was mine, mine, mine. I've been told once you own land, you want more (very, very true) but closer to the truth, that large secluded area is flat. There isn't much "flat" going on with the rest of the land I own.

That green area you see in the middle is a large grove of horsetail (Equisetum). It grows right down to the creek.

Beyond the horsetail is an open area that explained the barking dog. I saw what looked like the tail of a white dog galloping all over the meadow but when I thought about it, that was no dog. That was one or two white-tailed deer with the background sound of some frustrated dog wanting to get out there and give them a good chase. They were fast. They were excellent leapers.

Now for most people this is a big "Oh good grief. The deer feel so at home with us that we just set an extra place setting at the table for them. What is the big deal?" Well, for me it is. I never see them. People will point to the side of the street while we're driving and say-"Look at that deer." I never see them and I don't believe them anyway. The only other time I've seen a deer in the landscape was when I was at Redbud Ranch and Sarah pointed at some deer that were coming down the hill. This time I actually saw....deer. There were quite a few of them and while they stood behind the parked cars waiting for something, the cats jumped on the cars and started to give the deer a good staredown. One cat even started stalking. The deer moved on but they probably laughed about the confidence of that one cat.

So, for me it was a big thing to see deer. And I wonder if that will ever get old...when they come down and start chomping on plants and new trees...once they've finished eating what I served them on paper plates.


Maureen said...

Never gets old. A few Thanksgivings ago we drove through the woods near Bear Mountain and not only saw lots of deer but a group (is it a flock only if they can fly?) of wild turkeys running alongside the road. Looked just like dinosaurs, feathers and all.

Rural Rambler said...

It never gets old. It is a constant state of beautiful wonderment!!!

Squirrels at the Window was a fun great read!!

Country Girl said...

I've seen so many deer in my adult life. So many! Right now is rutting season and they are acting stupid and there are many accidents. A co-worker had a deer run into her car on the way to work the other morning. She was shaken up all day because she looked right into the deer's big doeful eyes. Luckily, it was only stunned and got up and took off.
They are beautiful creatures. And fawns? Wow.

Hilary said...

I can so relate to the deer thing. I have had them pointed out to me so many times through the years and I either look right past or through them, but they're never in my line of focus. About 3 years ago, for the very first time, I saw a pair of them. How I could live for over 5 decades and keep missing them up until now, I'll never know. Your place sound just perfect. :)

Deedee said...

We have deer in the woods beyond our yard, but they are elusive and we only see them a few times a year if we are lucky! It's always very exciting for me when they appear.