Monday, November 16, 2009

Okay, will THIS ever get old?

Last week when I was driving home after spending the day with Aussie, the sun was going down behind me and ahead of me were fields of previously mown hay getting mowed down even further by a lot of loose black cows. When my car reached the top of a hill, all I could see was the golden brown of the hay and the crazy amount of black cows spread out evenly almost to the horizon line. So pretty. And kind of surreal. It looked like a big chocolate chip cookie, make that chocowlate.

But dang, those hills never have areas by the side of the road to stop and take a picture so I tried to find some other place to stop. It's just that once you're off a hill, your viewpoint changes and so what was once a field dotted with evenly spaced cows, becomes a landscape with dotted lines of cows. AND, not to help things, the cows decided to move themselves away from the road. All roads. I drove around as much as I could trying to find a good place to take a picture before the sun went down but that just never happened.

Oh well, at least I did capture the pinkish cast of the setting sun which was making the landscape glow because it really did glow.

So I suppose that's another thing I might have to ask myself in the future...will watching those cows by the side of the road ever get old?

Ha ha ha. Doubt it.


Rural Rambler said...

No Maria, just by the tiny bit that I have gotten to know you and by the fact that you were taken by this beautiful field and the cows that hang there AND the sky and clouds above I think you are one of the lucky people that this will NEVER get old. Lucky you, lucky me too!

I'd love a few more pictures of your little bit of country to confirm that it never, never, not ever gets old :)

Paula Werner Severo said...

lovely photos! great shots! This place seems to be so calm!

Maria said...

Rural-You're the best enabler ever! Ha ha ha.

It is so energizing to drive out there because I never know what new thing I'm going to see. It's like a living painting. It's also almost like a storybook what with all the animal characters that present themselves. I got to meet my first neighbors this weekend when I was showing the land to a friend visiting from California. The neighbors are incredibly nice people. They have a horse farm with 27 horses and you can tell they adore all their pets. When Tom and I were walking back to my land, we were accompanied by even more dogs. Oh yeah, Aussie had brought along a friend for the walk (and she accompanied us on the barn tour to meet all the horses) so we had lots of dogs to help us through the woods while it was getting dark. Very storybook-y. :-)

Maria said...

Paula-It IS very calm...usually. This weekend I took my first big splat on a huge flat rock in the creek. It was slow going. I felt myself trip and couldn't get out of it and on the way down was wondering what i was going to break when I hit the rock, flat on my face, arms spread out...oh it was something. Aussie and her friend immediately jumped on me and started slobbering kisses all over me to see if I was okay. I didn't have time to think about whether I got seriously hurt or not because those two dogs made me laugh so hard. Tom was down the creek a bit and saw it all happen. Can't wait to see the pictures (Yes! He took pictures!). Gawd. I was so darn lucky not to get hurt..not to say that I avoided feeling sore all over. Still makes me laugh thinking about those two dogs that pinned me down though. ;-)

Maureen said...

Very nice. Jealous.

Mental P Mama said...

It will never get old. I can just tell;)

Hilary said...

No, these wonders never get old.. they just get better. That first shot is a beauty.. and I can see that chocowlate chip effect.. milk and cookies. ;) An udder delight. That magic hour is amazing, isn't it?

Maria said...

Maureen-Ha ha. Touche.

Mental-You are always right.

Hilary-That light was gorgeous. Udder delight. Silly. :-)

Tristan and Crikey said...

We wish you a Happy Thanksgiving, friends!