Sunday, September 20, 2009

Once again. Stella's behavior was really, really bad... I had to put a cork in it.

It only slowed things down for a couple minutes.

And then it was back to trying to throw every accessible ceramic and/or glassware piece off the kitchen shelf.

Try saying no to this...

And she's the cuddly bird in the family!


The Vintage Vignette said...

Oh I see why you can't stay mad at little Miss Stella! Even when she is being a bad girl she is adorable. Thanks for sharing this with us. :)

Rural Rambler said...

OK I found you through Shelly's blog, MObugs/Explore Missouri and I got all excited because, 1. you are a ShoMe blogger. 2. You had a bird on your head. 3. You are funny. And 4. Spiders freak me out too and make me scream like a little school girl.

I love your blog. We love birds. We had a Green Cheek, Bud. And we have had tiels. You will be a daily read for me now!

Rural Rambler said...

Back again. Have you ever read Arnie the Darling Starling?

Mental P Mama said...

My parrot Cupid is just as naughty -- what is up with these birds?

Maureen said...

My Senegal Pacino shredded the cap of my pen the other day before I knew her had it. He also destroys peanut shells without any interest in eating the nut inside. Gotta love a parrot.

Country Girl said...

She is such a naughty bird. But I couldn't stay mad at her!

Maria said...

VV-I just don't understand why people think that bad little bird is adorable. Oh she's baaaaaad. She gets in these little snits every once in a while and that night she felt like throwing everything her beak could grab off that kitchen shelf. She has amazing strength and determination. But adorability? Not when she's so driven. Baaaaaaad. Really. She really, really is! Baaaad.

Hey Rural Rambler-Sorry I haven't responded to you or the other comments earlier but I caught a nasty flu/cold over the weekend and every time I tried to write something, I bored myself.

ANYWAY, thanks for visiting and for your very nice comments. ;-) "Arnie the Darling Starling?" Of COURSE I've read that book, and its sequel. I'd write more about the starlings if they weren't so darn good all the time. Right now, Starlinka is behind me saying "I love you so much. Kiss, kiss, kiss. Okay. Look at that beautiful bird." Not a very interesting story although i adore her. :-)

I looked up your profile and see you've already read "That Quail Robert." That is such a sweet book. But have you read ""Squirrels at My Window?" It's not about birds but it's still very charming.

Yeah, I'm a Missouri girl blogger. I love MObugs' blog but good grief, she's been finding some creepy things to write about lately. I thought I was bad.

Mental-But Cupid is a pionus. I thought they were sweet......well, I guess anything is sweet compared to Stella to my eyes. :-/

Maureen-Oh yeah. Living that life too. Just don't let Pacino anywhere near rhinestone jewelry. I never knew those little stones could pop out and disappear so easily. Stella can take apart a felt tip pen pretty darn fast too.

Kate. Yeah. She eventually returns to some episodes of sweetness but those long periods in between. Yeezus (as my Norwegian relatives would say).