Thursday, September 17, 2009

Wherrrrrrre's Michael?

Cathy Jean is always in the same place in the morning as where I leave her the night before. She just has to cover her head and she goes right to bed.

But Michael Ray? Sometimes that requires a little effort to find him in the morning. Where he starts to go to sleep at night is not always where I will find him in the morning...and I think he's a sleepwalker too. So, before I put the two outside for the last of these pretty fall days, I need to search the house for Michael.

He's a creative turtle. Michael Ray hardly ever sleeps in the same place twice. Where did I find him recently? In the back bedroom's unfinished closet. He had to climb a step and move some paint cans and position himself at just the right angle on those carpet tack strips (good thing they're still wrapped in plastic so he couldn't hurt himself, not that that has every happened) but I could tell he was very happy with this newly discovered sleeping spot.

Turtles. Can't live with them. Can't live........with them.


Maureen said...

Just like a man.

Mental P Mama said...

LOL @ Maureen

abb said...

You have the best life... With turtles, no less!

Maggie Weakley said...

You have beautiful photos on your blog, I love them! Looks like a fabulous life full of charismatic critters ;) Hope U are well! Maggie (AKA Margaret)

Shelly Cox said...

LOL, aren't turtle great. I just inherited a Russian Tortoise. He is still pretty small, but sweet as can be. I wish I could give him full run of the yard like you do, but out here on the farm that wouldn't work. I plan to build him some sort of an outside enclosure next spring.
I love your photos, and interesting stories about the turtles in your life.

Maria said...

M&M-not going to say a thing. :-)

Tombstone-Aw, I had such a bad day at work on Friday and then I got your nice, nice, nice, nice comment. I've been working so much this past week I forgot I even HAD a life. Shared with turtles though, shared with turtles...... :-/

Margaret-will you stop thinking I don't know you? Oh good grief. And you should talk since the number of animals with big personalities at the Weakley hacienda far outnumber what is going on at my little house. :-)

MoBugs-When turtles stay small they are so sweet and charming. However, I have two leopards that are big and getting bigger. Lucky for you, I don't think Russians get that huge. I think they stay at a manageable size. I am going to have to plan how to protect the twins once I move to that land in Kansas in a couple years. The possums and raccoons leave the turtles and their leftover food alone where I live now but I know in the country, things will be a LOT different. An enclosure next spring will be great for your little guy. Turtles get bored if there isn't something for them to do and sunshine is very important to them. Keeps their bones and shell strong. They're fun to watch out in the yard too. ;-)