Monday, September 14, 2009

Hyacinth beans and a bottle tree and an interesting bamboo fence

I have been driving past this fence for a couple months and I finally stopped to take pictures of it today. Speeding by in a car, I only saw the bamboo. I love bamboo in the garden. Doesn't matter if it's the actual plant or if it's used as a fence. I just like it. I had to know how this fence was made.

It's just bamboo poles woven around rebar tied up with wire. Love it. I especially like how it is able to follow the curve of the road nearby.

I'm glad I stopped because when I drive by I can't see the hyacinth bean (Dolichos lablab) growing at the far end of the fence. Oh I've tried growing hyacinth bean many, many times but have never been successful because the only place to put them is against the fence behind the peonies and you know how that goes. I've tried all sorts of barriers...even trying to grow the hyacinth bean on the other side of the fence but those turtles are driven to keeping that area clear.

Isn't it pretty? I look forward to trying to grow it again..... in an area far, far away from turtles.

Another intriguing thing about this little garden is the bottle tree.

I think the things hanging from the branch are strings of old doorknobs. Ha!

I like the idea of glass in the garden too. I'm not sure if I'll come up with anything as exuberant as what was done with this tree but I'm sure I'll figure out something. :-)


Maureen said...

Love a bottle tree, and this is the third bamboo reference I've seen recently. I use it as curtain rods.

Maria said...

I know. Weird how that happens. Just remembered I have a bamboo cutting board I have never used because it is just too darn pretty.

Unknown said...

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