Friday, July 29, 2016

Guess who won 50 bucks!

In a contest for bad behavior!

Oh.....that would be this one.

A couple weeks ago my sister told me I needed to enter a contest her pet store was sponsoring because they wanted to see photos and hear stories about bad pet behavior. Colleen said everyone likes to hear stories about bad turtles, how could Michael Ray not deserve first prize?

Apparently she was right because last week they let me know that Michael Ray had won the prize for most badly behaved..... reptile. He won a competition competing against just reptiles? Even if Michael Ray was in a competition with dog bed shredding puppies (all really good examples of bad behavior),  Michael Ray still would have won. He's just that bad.

This was the photo that won:

And years's a photo of another one of the doors he created (but this time on the other side). Yes, I do replace the screen occasionally but it's always temporary because Michael Ray just forces himself through the next one. A closed door to Michael Ray is just a temporary obstruction. As I've said many times before, a turtle is a very determined thing with no deadline. However long it takes to get something done, they will use up all the time they have left in this world to get whatever they want done. You can't fight that kind of determination.

Please note how his self created "doors" follow the shape of his shell exactly. I know it's horrible to live like this but it does make me laugh.

Yes. I'm appalled I have such a bad turtle....but also kind of proud. To celebrate his accomplishment, Michael Ray got served a big chunk of watermelon every day last week....and in typical Michael Ray style, he was not going to share. He also doesn't like it when I watch him eat so he picked up his watermelon to wander off to eat privately. That didn't work out so great because with a watermelon section that big and a turtle being only so tall, it took him a while to figure out he couldn't see where he was going...

...and then of course Michael Ray got mad, dropped the watermelon and then stomped off (but he did return later to finish it off when he knew I was gone).

Here's what happened the next day when I thought that Michael Ray and Cathy Jean could probably share a piece of watermelon together. I thought maybe he had calmed down a bit.... but I think he still knows he's a champion of something because why else show off like this?

Since Cathy Jean is usually about 23 hours behind Michael when there are bad things to learn, she now picks up her watermelon piece and waves it in the air aiming for her brother's head too.

One prize for bad behavior but now I have two bad turtles ready for the next competition. :-P

I'm plugging the pet store (Pet Supplies Plus) because they were so nice and the story they wrote was so complimentary for such a bad turtle....I'm not sure how to link a Facebook page but try this link and then scroll down to July 24, 2016 to read more about my stinker of a turtle.


Pix said...

MARIA!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Got your email and I am here! You are still on my Feedly reader so I would have seen this post and smiled real big and thought HOORAY! It is nice to see Michael Ray and read an update. Cathy Jean taking those smacks in the face! I don't feel bad for taking a year long break now after your 3 year rest... :) Happy to hear about Stellafullahella. The crew looks good on your sidebar. I am going to answer your email this afternoon! Glad you are back... maybe you will get me back to blogging, but it is the picture taking I have lost my motivation and what's a blog without pictures? So happy to hear from you! I missed you!

Maria said...

PIX!!!!!! I sent you a long email earlier today but I have a feeling it got lost in Bloggerland....and I can't find your real email in my address book. Can you email me back at and just say hello so I can get your return email address to send you my original email again? I couldn't find a contact on your current webpage. :-P

Pix said...

I got that email Maria... check up top on my comment to you. You still show up in my Feedly reader too. I am going to get back to you on the email. I spent most of the day in the ER with a kidney stone so I am kinda limping along and we are having storms here and our internet is sketchy. I will email you tomorrow! Love, love hearing from you. You have the right email for me. I am so happy to hear about "work"... :)

Pix said...

Maria!! Blame it on the drugs from today... it wasn't your email it was the comment on my blog. I will send you an email now!

Maria said...

I think we finally have this all straightened out. Hope your day is uneventful! :-) Can you believe it's August already????