Wednesday, February 2, 2011

"We're going to die! We're all going to die!"

That was the weather forecast for yesterday so I took the day off from work and waited. Nothing happened for hours but in the afternoon it started to snow...and it continued to snow....and...surprisingly, it continued to snow. And when I went to sleep last night, the news reported no deaths, or accidents, because apparently everyone in the city was too scared to leave their homes.

The storm had passed when I woke up this morning. There was probably a foot of snow on the ground....bad, but not too bad. And there were drifts (luckily the only crazy drift I saw in my own yard was the mohawk on top of my car). At least twelve inches of snow had fallen. That merits a description of a serious snowstorm but it didn't really hit home until I noticed there were no animal tracks in the snow. None. There are always raccoon, opposum, squirrel, rabbit, mouse, cat or bird tracks traveling somewhere in any fresh snow following a snowfall but trace of an attempt to get out by any creature with two or four feet. Not even when I got home from work tonight. Those animals were probably listening to their weather forecasters too and decided they were not going to venture out into the mess either.

If I still lived in Minnesota, I would have thought of this snowstorm as a normal day in May but for Missouri? A definite wow.


Rural Rambler said...

Good Morning Maria! We got 11 inches. UGH. Your place looks pretty much like ours. We have a ton of snow drifted on our porch roof. CH was able to get one vehicle out of the garage yesterday, travel 6 feet and got stuck. -9 this morning. Are we having fun yet? I think lots of consideration will be given to not staying in MissouREE for too many more winters. I am cooked, I have had it with the weather here. More snow coming this weekend. Whoop. Hope you and all the kids are warm and toasty. We are so ready for a little trip to KC. No snow.

Kimberly said...

Here in the south, I can only imagine what this kind of experience is like. Stay warm. Glad you're back! Keep posting!

Maria said...

Pix-I hear you but wherever you go, weather is going to find you. Things are a lot different when you have plowed roads though. I have a friend who was trying to keep up with the snow by going out and shoveling every hour but she couldn't keep up and so she gave up. But the outdoor birds had to be fed so once an hour, she opened her windows and refilled the birdfeeders that way. Brrrr. And then her furnace broke. She might be having the same opinion as you about this snow thing. :-)

Yay for a trip to KC!!!! I look forward to seeing you guys again. :-)

Kimberly-Oh I've been such a bad blogger. One whole month of not communicating one thing. That's really baaaad. Thanks for coming back and for your encouragement. :-) Sigh, to be in the south on a day like today (below zero here in KC!!).

Leenie said...

I'm imagining raccoons and squirrels in their dens watching the weather channel on cable or dish. Lol!

"Guess we'll have to hunker down and skip the trip to the mall tomorrow."

Glad to see the storm didn't do as much damage as predicted. Yup, normal day in May for us in Idaho too.

Rusty said...

We got about the same here, high winds made the difference for many. However the birds and squirrels kept on heading for the feeder. As for the raccoons - they are still sleeping the bad weather off. Even our local groundhog refused to go along with tradition and stayed at home, snug and warm. :))

Maria said...

Leenie-Yep. It took a couple days for ANY tracks to show up. The storm was actually kind of dangerous when it was going on because of the wind and the ice pellets and the white-out conditions (I-70 was closed throughout the entire state!) but the day after, everything was calm prettiness. Today the birds outside are belting out their thoughts about everything so I'm assuming the rest of the shut-ins will come out soon.

Rusty-Yeah, it was unusual snow event for all of Missouri-the people AND the critters!

Unknown said...

Just happened to find you through Rural Ramblers blog
On the previous post, I love the crocheted rugs. Such nice warm colors.
I am originally from Independence,going back some day.

Maria said...

Katie! Welcome to my blog. It's kind of amazing how SO many people have ties to the midwest states of Kansas and Missouri.

Thanks for the nice comment on my ragrugs. I really love them. One of these days (soon!) I'll post the directions. I know I am a very lazy girl but even I don't know what my problem is about posting the instructions since I already have them all written out. Gawd.