Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Sassy's Surprises

A couple months ago, I was out on my Kansas land and the two dogs who showed up to help that day were Elvis and Sassy. Elvis always stays in the background and wags his tail or rolls on his back and as a helper, that often works out just right for me but Sassy.....everything is all about Sassy and what she wants that very minute. While I put together a big yellow metal cart I got at Tractor Supply, Elvis watched me patiently as Sassy kept exhaling impatiently, and loudly. She wasn't getting the attention she wanted so she then started some high pitched whining. Then some barking. Did I not get it? There was a big box of Costco dog biscuits in the trunk of my car!!!! Every one of them should be dispensed NOW.

Half a biscuit was not enough. One biscuit was not enough. A biscuit (or part of one) was given out every time I managed to get a nut and bolt tightened the way they should be (of course the cart came with the wrong type of nuts which was making me mad) but Sassy wanted even more.

Not too agreeable about the concept of pacing herself, Sassy is one of those dogs who does understand the concept of paying or exchanging something for something she wants. And so, I was introduced to how her dog currency works. Sassy went and got herself a car length tree branch and placed it at the back end of the car (also known as the "treat dispenser"). You can't tell from this photo but that tiny branch in the background was pretty long and hard to maneuver around the trees to get to that spot behind the car. I was kind of impressed with all of that but still, she is a very annoying dog.

The next month, I was out on that land with all the dogs-Aussie, Bella, Elvis and....Sassy when I heard a rustling sound around us. The dogs didn't seem that interested but I certainly was curious.


Triple huh.


I felt pretty sure that these were Sassy's puppies (well, that does explain her recent figure)...

...accompanied by the one Mueller dog (or so I thought) I have not met. Somehow Sassy had employed this odd looking dog as the nanny for her two puppies.

Everyone (even Elvis!) attended to the puppies except Sassy. I'm not sure what dog currency she used but maybe she just wore them down, the strategy that most often works on me.

The puppies were cute but constantly in motion.

It was very hard to get them to slow down but it looked like there was one girl.

And one boy.

I thought there might be more puppies but it was just these two making all the noise romping through the grass. Their manners were as bad as their mother but with puppies you can forgive anything. Aussie had a harder time with it though because I saw a lot of "Please help me, Jesus" expressions from her.

She was not enthused about being an aunt.

Eventually their nanny took them home...and the rest followed, Sassy being the last one to leave.

Treats were dispensed but Sassy took all the crumbs so the puppies didn't get anything. No surprise there.

That was quite the day of surprises except there was one other surprise. I found out Sassy's name is not really Sassy. It's Mary(!). Sassy happens to be the one Mueller dog I have not met (apparently there are eight Mueller dogs, I've only met seven of them!).

And now I'm going to have to figure out a new nickname for her since "Sassy, Pain in the Ass-y" no longer works.

Maybe something like "Mary, who is so Very $#/&!@!!/!??!!"


Rural Rambler said...

Maria I did not notice that you got this blog post up before I pushed the send button a few minutes ago! And I am not snoozing cause I saw this was here! Sassy, Pain in the Ass-y, ummm Mary, is pretty dang cute.

Leenie said...

I'm laughing and smiling (because I don't have to deal with the annoying dog). She reminds me of some people I know who seem spend more effort getting others to do their work than would be expending if they did it themselves. And they usually pay in sticks. Most are in the field of politics or law.

Also laughing at Aussie's expression.

Eve said...

Hahahahaha!!! Mary quite contrary seems to fit here!! Funny story Maria! But the pups sure are cuties!!

Maria said...

Pix-Mary is NOT cute. Trust me. She really is a pill. A big one.

Leenie-HA ha. I felt so sorry for Aussie though. We used to have such lovely times together and now we have to negotiate our walks with 5 more dogs. It's something else!

Eve-Glad you liked the story. That dog is such a pain but very pleased with everything she thinks or does. For some reason, those two things always seem to go together with people AND dogs. hahaha

Maureen said...

is Elvis the daddy?

Maria said...

Maureen-Why, yes he is. At least the girl dogs in that family get spayed. So I guess that would qualify as half of a great big Errrrgh!