Monday, August 9, 2010

Yet another mystery...

I drove out to that land in Kansas on Saturday because I was curious to see if anyone had come by to continue working on their excavation. Nope. I think that will be a mystery that will forever go unexplained.

I was met by the Mueller dogs but sigh, no Aussie. We set off to test the depth of the creek. You can tell it's not that deep because otherwise Elvis would be walking on water.

Elvis, the dog with the ermine front side, is not my favorite dog. He has squinty eyes, a suspicious mind, and usually spends his time barking until he feels like he's made his point twice and then runs away. If he were human, he'd have a cigarette dangling from the corner of his mouth while he scrutinized you and you would not want to know what he was thinking. I really don't like that dog.

But on Saturday, for the first time ever, he had manners. He walked beside me, let me scratch his head, and didn't try to take my arm off when I gave him a biscuit (I normally throw one in the air for him to catch, but only if Aussie is around, because I just don't trust him).

We walked down the middle of the creek to where the the banks got high and rocky. I noticed that Bella had let herself go. I know I haven't seen her and Aussie in a long time but was it really that long since I had seen her? It was obvious that Bella had had puppies since our last visit because her figure was a mess. However, motherhood must agree with her because she seemed to be a lot more confident.

And Sassy? She's exactly that. Does as she pleases. Her behavior was completely unchanged.

I left the three dogs to play in the part of the creek that still had enough water to play in and started looking at the plants that were growing on the banks. It's an area I usually can't get that close to but since the water was so low, it was easy to get up close and see what was growing.

This is Ludwigia alternifolia, also known as seedbox or rattle-box because the seedpods, which are square cubes, rattle when you shake them. The yellow petals of the flowers are very fragile and don't last long, maybe a day before a slight breeze will knock them off. I didn't see any flowers, just the sepals that remained.

One set was in red for some reason. Doesn't matter. What remained after those transient petals dropped off was still very pretty. I'm looking forward to seeing the seedpods form which I'll be able to do if the water level continues to stay low.

The arrowhead I discovered last week was in bloom.

I didn't know this but there are male and female flowers on this plant. The males flowers are the ones with the yellow stamens and the female flowers are the ones with the round green ball centers.

And that was that for discovering new plants I could identify. And although I've run into blue damselflies before, it's always nice to see one of those cutie pies again.

This digger wasp (Scolia bicincta) was pretty too but I'm glad he was too occupied with the nommage of that flower to notice me.

Anyway, it was getting hot, time for one last biscuit to the dogs, and then time to drive home.

Once I got back, I decided to compare the photos I took of Bella that day and photos I had taken of Bella in the past because I just could not believe the transformation of that dog. Well, that dog was not Bella. That dog might have been wearing a yellow collar like Bella and looked similar to Bella, and was very comfortable interacting with me like Bella, but she was not Bella. Bella has a bit of grey on her face and chest and this dog didn't. How weird. I have never met that dog before. Why was she the first one to run over and greet me? Whoever she is, she got Elvis to behave like a gentleman. I salute her for that. But where the heck is the real Bella? And where the heck is Aussie? Are they together? The whole experience was so darn weird. :-/


Rural Rambler said...

Yeah, where in the heck is Aussie Mueller? It's worrisome. I didn't think you could visit your land AND the creek without an Aussie escort.

Eve said...

I forgot to mention the Surprise Lilies from the last post. I just love them...maybe someday will try to get some here.
Dogs are funny. I love the way the interact in packs. Getting my dogs fixed right off the bat is a good way to keep them from gathering up with the neighbor dogs. The neighbor dogs used to come up here when we first arrived but not any more. Ole, is not one to share. He does not fight, but stands his ground and verbally announces, sometimes with spit flying in their face, that they are not welcome! The Bella, almost look alike, must be in charge of this group. So who's dogs are these? They should have one of those commericals like when we were kids, only for dogs..."it's 10 O'clock...(am)...Do you know where you dog is?" hahahaha!!

Mental P Mama said...

Now I'm all worried about Aussie and Bella. And I am so glad Elvis has had a positive change. I feel like I know them!

Leenie said...

I know what you said, but there are still a lot of people who think Elvis walks on water. I was just surprised to see how well he's aged--got rid of that awful white jumpsuit too.

Odd to see a female, even if a flower, with balls (Okay sorry)

Love the damselwing photo. Their bright colors and freedom of flight are cheery.

The doggies seem to know you have goodies and that you are a friendly walking companion. Hope Aussie shows up next time.

Q said...

So fun catching up with you tonight. It has been so hot.... I have given up on gardening...
Loved seeing the bluet and all your good bugs.
The mysteries in Kansas continue.

sebi_2569 said...

beautiful capture; congratulations

Luuuuuua said...

superbe fotografii,bravo

Maria said...

Pix-I cannot believe it's been almost a month since I wrote anything on this blog. Oh that is baaaaaaad. Not that that much has happened but when I was out on the land yesterday, finally, finally, finally, Miss Aussie Mueller showed up. Whew! I was thinking the worst. Yes. If there's no dog escort, it's not as much fun to be out there. Yesterday I had all four dogs again so it was a very fun I had a big box of dog biscuits from Costco. Those dog owners must hate me. Hahaha.

Eve-You are right. That mystery dog is in charge of the group when Aussie is not there. But when Aussie is there, a truce of some sort is worked out between them. She's allowed to lead the other dogs but Aussie has claimed me as part of her pack. It's interesting watching how these guys are working things out. Elvis has turned into a very sweet dog. I would never have expected that from him but it must be because he is no longer the leader.

Mental-No worries anymore. Bella is back and so is Aussie. And I actually like Elvis now. That's a BIG change for me. I think he's dropped back from having to be the leader so he's more relaxed now. That new dog though....I'm still having some issues with her. It is kind of interesting getting to know them and how they navigate around the different personalities that meet up at any one given time.

Leenie-Ha and Ha! I was telling my sister that my dream job would be to own something like a Good Humor truck and give away dog treats to all the dogs in the neighborhood. Guess I sort of am doing that since my car always has a big box or two of dog biscuits in it (and I don't even have a dog!!!!).

Sherry-I'm with you on that one. I've given up on everything summer related too. Kind of a nice feeling actually. :-)

Sebi and LuuuUUuuuuUUUua, thanks for stopping by and leaving your nice comments.