Sunday, July 4, 2010

Sunday morning breakfast wars

I was busy cleaning Shugg's cage this morning when Cathy Jean came over to help.

But that turned out not to be her intention at all. She wanted breakfast. Immediately. She gave me an extra long "Stop what you're doing and get me my breakfast now" look.

"Extra corn on my plate.....................please."

And then Michael Ray showed up from behind.

He wanted his breakfast faster than Cathy Jean's "now."

Thus, the "look."

Message delivered. The turtles split up and ran off in different directions (probably to see who would get served first).

Shugg could care less about what was going on in TurtleWorld. He had just had a bath (starlings adore baths of any kind), he had a clean cage and he was about to get served his breakfast before the turtles got theirs.

Shugg is the smartest, most fearless of birds. And there is nothing better on a Sunday morning than to have everything all clean and fresh and then have breakfast outdoors.

If you were wondering where Violet was in all this morning drama, Violet couldn't be a helper because she was stuck indoors because of an operation she had earlier in the week to remove a small tumor. I am 100% confident that she will be perfectly fine as soon as she heals but in the meantime, it's a sad thing to have to watch a cat maneuver around with a lampshade on her head.

But things aren't toooooo bad if you look at it from the other animals' points of view. It was close to noon and she had already had two breakfasts. And when the turtles were finally served their breakfast, Violet was already enjoying an early lunch.


Leenie said...

Those turtles have mastered THE LOOK. I had no idea those creatures could be so intimidating. Haha that Shugg got bath and a breakfast ahead of them--but, no--Violet with her "cone of shame" got in the first chow. And it looks like she deserves the preferential treatment. Hope all is well for her soon.

Sandra said...

Your turtles have mastered that look the perfection! They mean serious business! I am sure they were served immediately??

Mental P Mama said...

LOL. Never. Ever. Would I have imagined turtles to run. Much less be so demanding! Hugs to Violet;)

MY wv: STORK I think that should be your next pet;)

Rural Rambler said...

Maria it looks like lots of fun in your yard, even with the "looks". I look at Shugg and think of Arnie the Darling Starling, I loved that book. They are very smart birds. Sending Violet "hurry up and get well and get that cone thing off of her" vibes!

Maria said...

Leenie-I KNOW. They have that intimidating look mastered. Such earnest mean expressions and without eyebrows!

I heard from the vet today and Violet's tests came back saying that everything is cancer-free for her...just like I thought. She's galloping around the house so I'm taking that as a sign she feels 100% too. Thanks for the well wishes. :-)

Sandra- I didn't serve them immediately yesterday. I didn't serve them first either. I think that's why the two of them raced out to let me know that they had had enough and that my dillydallying was not appreciated.

Lauren- When it gets warm or they get mad, that's when they can really get going. Combine the two? That's what happened yesterday. Michael is the bad one. I remulched the turtle sleeping area a couple weeks ago and he was very perklempt with me spending so much time in his area. He kept pushing on me and stomping on my feet while he circled around them. Gawd. I had seven bags of mulch to unload in that area and I'm surprised I don't have any permanent turtle heel marks on my feet.

Yes! Of course I want a stork!!!!!! What a great idea! hahaha. :-D

Pix-I read that book too and loved it. Starlings really do use words and sounds appropriately. Starlinka even knows what a descriptive word is because she takes adjectives and moves them around or links them in a string before introducing the subject of her sentence. Kind of eerie to listen to her create her sentences because they make sense.

Your good vibes sent to Violet worked because Violet is now cancer-free. The cone has been off for a day but the stitches don't come out for another week. I think she can live with that though. Me too. That "cone of shame" was harder for me to deal with than her I think. :-)

Maria said...

Leenie and Pix-Speaking of books, I finally did get around to reading "Under the Tuscan Sun." I LOVED IT. Absolutely loved it. Thanks for the suggestion (and also the one to steer clear of the movie).

Maureen said...

Personally, I think you need a flamingo, even if it's plastic.

Maria said...

Maureen-I LOVE flamingoes. They're so darn pretty and weird at the same time. Hmmm....little flamingos on the prairie, can that be done??..........

Eve said...

Violet must be realted to Hobbits...they like early lunches too! Shruggs is adorable and yes the turtle stare for breakfast is a killer!!