Monday, January 5, 2009

Obstacle race

That's what "Hindernisrennen" translates to in English. I'm not sure what's going on here but I don't think any of those little old courting dudes with their flowers will ever be able to catch those two young women (you might want to click on the image to see it bigger). 

This little postcard was done by Mela Koehler, who was part of The Wiener Werkstaette (The Vienna Workshop) which existed from 1903 to 1932 in Vienna, Austria. Other members of the workshop included Egon Schiele and Gustav Klimt. Expressive curvilinear designs with lots of detail held together with strong shapes? I've always been drawn to that, even as an early teenager.

When I was researching my Koehler postcard, I came upon an auction site that listed other postcards done by this group. I hadn't thought of adding insects to my list. What a surprise to find these little postcards of woodcuts done by L. H. Jungnickel. Oh my, they are major peculiar.

Two beautiful moth girls...

I have no clue as to what to even guess as to what is going on here. That one bug dude sitting down with the major abs? Not sure why he needs to take a rest on his walk with the bug dude who is using a cane(!).

Smoking bug. Why not? Absolutely everybody was smoking back then. My friend Bonnie learned to smoke when she was five years old...from her grandfather(!).

Oh these are so odd. Love them. 


Mental P Mama said...

That grasshopper is amazing. He reminds me of Fred Astaire. And I have no idea why.

shara said...

I LOVE these! And Gustav Klimt is one of my favorites! The bugs actually remind me of the story: METAMORPHISIS.

Country Girl said...

These are cool. I think the cane is just a fashion statement. And the little guy who appears to be sitting down looks to me like a youngster.
But that's just my take, is all.